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Federal Reserve E-Payments Routing Directory
bullet Search for Fedwire Participants
bullet Search for FedACH Participant Receiving Depository Financial Institutions (RDFIs) with commercial receipt volume
bullet Download E-Payments Routing Directories
bullet Federal Reserve Routing Information
bullet Fedwire Treasury Routing Information
bullet Frequently Asked Questions
The Federal Reserve Banks’ E-Payments Routing Directory provides basic routing information for Fedwire® Funds Service, Fedwire Securities Service, and FedACH® transactions. This information is synchronized with the Fedwire and FedACH databases daily and is provided free of charge solely as a service to financial institutions to help them process and settle transactions efficiently. The information contained in the directory may not be sold, relicensed, or otherwise used for commercial gain. You may link to this website, but you may not charge a fee for referring a person to this site or for providing a link to this site.
You can search this directory to find Fedwire Funds Service and Fedwire Securities Service participants and to find FedACH participant RDFIs with commercial receipt volume listed in the Composite Receiver File (CRF).

"Fedwire" and "FedACH" are registered service marks of the Federal Reserve Banks.

Technical Requirements

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